World Mission Night

World Mission Festival

Isaiah 6:3b “The whole earth is full of his glory.”


  1.  Middle East 
  2.  Czech 
  3.  Canada 


  1. Africa
  2. Latin America
  3. Europe 


  1. Oceania
  2. Asia
  3. CIS

Each continent will present 3 items for 30 minutes

  1. 5 min --Video (Physical location of each nation, UBF history, major problems to overcome, vision, missionaries you sent and received) 
  2. 14 min – Two representative testimonies (7 minutes each)

New national leaders or next gens

  1. 5 min -- Special performances (ethnic dance or music)


Coordinators:  Henry Park, David Kim

Program DetailContinentVideoLife testimony sharersSpecial program
Thursday, Aug 3Middle East Moody 
 Czech Sarah Macova  
 Canada Sion Lee 
Friday, Aug 4   Dance (Canada)
 Africa Boas Chisha (Zambia)African dance
 Europe Maria Eugenia (Portugal)“Waymaker” chorus (Europe leaders)
 Latin America   Joice Bobadilla (Colombia) 
   Ester Kim (Ecuador)Dance (Mexico)
Saturday, Aug 5        
 Oceania Daniel Ho (Brisbane)Parade (Oceania)
 CIS Olesia Smilianska(Odessa) 
   Deborah Kim Jr. (Mgimo)Dance (Tajikistan)
 Asia Heonki Kim (HK) 
   Uuganayar (Mongolia)K-pop dance (Hanyang UBF)