“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many Mark.” 10:45

Some of us have already volunteered to serve ISBC. They work full time, but use their spare time to undergird and support the conference. They may approach you to assist them on a needed basis. Please volunteer if asked. We have also posted the available roles below. Volunteering is not meant to be another job. Rather it is an opportunity to use your talent and even enhance it for the church community with minimal interruption on your daily duties. Please review the available positions and contact us. May God bless you. 

Staff for Cafeteria Team

Recruiter: Grace Park at St. Louis Heart church (Use ‘Contact Us’ to reach her)
Background: We offer nine meals from dinner on 8/3/ 2023 to lunch on 8/6/2023. We use two cafeterias: one in Ikenberry and the other in Pennsylvania Avenue Resident (PAR). The cafeterias provide enough seats and food in buffet style. Yet, participants often spend a long time picking up food so that those who wait in line end up suffering from insufficient time to enjoy a meal.

Role description: Staff follow the instructions of Grace Park. They work closely with UIUC cafeteria staff. They guide participants to line up for the food station and pick food in time for everyone to enjoy meals within the meal period. Staff provide faster access to conference workers for their time-sensitive tasks. Staff guide those with food allergies to the right station.
Qualification: Willingness to come for preparation half a day or even a day before the conference. Availability for every meal during the conference. Time management for food distribution. 
Benefit: The task helps staff to imitate Jesus’ disciples who helped the crowd to sit in groups of fifty people and distributed food in baskets that had been created from five loaves and two fish. In other words, it helps the staff to grow as a disciple of Jesus who follows his instructions.

Crew for Transportation Team

Recruiter: Paul Kim at COD church (Use ‘Contact Us’ to reach him)
Role description: Transportation Department provides a ride to participants in 2023 ISBC between ORD and UIUC as posted on the category for Transportation. Starting from Monday 7/31/2023, the department provides a ride from ORD to UIUC till Thursday 8/3/2023. It has three branches: Meet & Greet, Food & Beverage and Bus Host. Each branch has a leader who defines task day to day. The crew will assist branch leaders. They will assign a task to the crew, depending on their availability and talent. The duration of the task per day will be under 8 hours. In addition, the department provides a ride from UIUC to ORD on Sunday 8/6/2023. The crew will be asked to support the task at UIUC, but not required.
Qualification: Willingness. Availability. Listeners. Shepherd’s heart for the participants in the 2023 ISBC. 
Benefits: The task requires physical fitness. In other words, it is good for health. Crews will meet all the participants from all over the world and enjoy personal fellowship with them.

Managers and Crews for General Session

Stage Manager 

Oversees and directs stage crew to move equipment on and off the stage throughout the general sessions.

Stage Crew

Works under the direction of stage manager to move stage equipment (podium, mics, stands) during the general sessions.

Backstage Manager (position filled)

In constant communication with production manager who is calling out the show from the sound booth. Backstage manager gets people on stage at the right time. 

Rehearsal Manager

Organizes open time slots for practice times for praise, special programs. Contact upcoming program participants. Allocate rehearsal space.

Video Coordinator (pre-production)

Collect media (video, music, PPT) for special programs (dances, skits, special music). Set deadlines to receive media. Set requirements for media format. Feed all media requests to production manager. 

Office Manager

Position Title: Office Manager (filled by Mark T. Lee)
Recruiter: Charles Kim (Use ‘Contact Us’ to reach him)
Role description: UBF Office will be set up from 7/31/2023 to 8/6/2023 during the 2023 ISBC. It will operate in two stages: one from 7/31 to 8/3 before the main conference and the other from 8/3 to 8/6 during the main conference. Office Manager works closely with Helen Jung, director of Registration Team. The Office Manager equips two offices: one with a lock as a main office in Bousfield Dormitory and the other as a satellite office in State Farm Center. Office manager creates a timetable for office hours. Office manager recruits front desk managers from both Registration and Room Assignment Team but not limited. Office Manager will create a schedule for front desk managers. The primary function of UBF Office is to greet and answer the questions of those who call or come to the office and to assist them to resolve their needs. It is the hub to support the task of other managers such as Transportation Manager.  Office Manager is responsible only for the given period and makes the necessary preparation beforehand.
Qualification: Willingness. Better if Office Manager can work together with spouse. Shepherd’s heart for conference attendants who come for help. Keen sense to the operation of Logistics Team for 2023 ISBC. Experience with office management is a plus.
Benefits: Manager will be included in the team of managers for 2023 ISBC and have the privilege to make friends with them. Manager will learn how to organize and run an office, a valuable experience in society. Manager will better understand how ISBC operates behind the scenes and enjoy the first exposure to important decisions in running ISBC.