Commercial Tours

We have arranged three tours in North America after the conference. The tours are primarily for foreign delegates but are not limited. The three tours are designated as East, West and Midwest. Please, click each tour program for further details. The itineraries are mostly in Korean. If you do not understand Korean, please ask one of Korean missionaries in your church. The table below shows their outlines. 

TourFeeStartingFromEndingDate & Time
East$950ORD airport8/6/2023, 5pm (CST)New York (Manhattan)8/9/2023, 4pm (EST)
West$869ORD airport8/7/2023, 11am (CST)Los Angeles (shopping mall)8/11/2023, 5pm (PST)
Midwest$500UIUC (SFC)8/6/2023, 2pm (CST)ORD airport (hotel)8/8/2023, 3pm (CST)

The fee in the table does not include airfare and other miscellaneous costs. If you choose a tour from East and West, pay the fee to Hana Travel Inc. according to the payment instructions. If you choose Midwest pay the fee to Pau Choi according to his instructions. Please do so before the deadline shown in the details. If you have more questions about the tours, please feel free to contact Hana Travel Inc. (, 1-847-913-1177).

We are mindful of your own transportation from UIUC to the start location of the tours. We will provide you with a limited service to fill the gap. See the table below.

TourService by UBFRecipients
EastA bus ride from UIUC to ORD on 8/6/2023All tourists
WestA bus ride from UIUC to ORD on 8/6/2023All tourists
WestRoom and board from 8/6/2023 to 8/7/2023only Foreign Delegates
MidwestRoom and board from 8/8/2023 till departure to homeonly Foreign Delegates

Only foreign delegates are eligible for the room and board. North Americans should arrange their own room and board. To provide you with the service, we ask you to enter the corresponding travel information during your registration for the 2023 ISBC. 

Please make your travel plan accordingly so that you may attend the conference and enjoy the tour after the conference. For example, if you choose East, you must arrange your own ride to the airport and airplane to return to your home after the trip. If you choose Midwest and your departure date from ORD after the trip is 8/9/2023, you enter 8/8/2023 as the check-in date and 8/9/2023 as the check-out date during the registration for 2023 ISBC. If you have any questions or concerns, please use ‘Contact Us’, which will be forwarded to Paul Choi.

Church Visit with Tour

Some churches in North America created a special program to welcome and have a fellowship with foreign delegates after the conference, which may be open to North Americans as well. Their names are listed in the table below by alphabetical order. When you click a name on the first column you will find instructions and itinerary. Please, review them. If you choose one church, please fill out the form on the last column or use an email so that the hosting church will accommodate you properly. In addition to the list in the table, other churches may have programs, which will be posted here when they are ready for you.

You are responsible for travel arrangements to visit your chosen church from UIUC. If the start location of the itinerary is not UIUC, consider the general policy mentioned in the section for Accommodation after the conference on Foreign Delegates. Briefly, a bus ride is provided from UIUC to ORD on 8/3/2023 if you depart from ORD by airplane. In addition, we provide you with a room and board if you are a Foreign Delegate and need to stay overnight near ORD for the departure on the following day. 

To provide you with the service you need, please enter the travel-related values during the registration for the 2023 ISBC. Listing a few, they are the option for ride and check-in date. For example, if you choose to visit the Los Angeles church and your departure date from ORD is 8/7/2023, you need a ride on 8/6/2023 and need to stay overnight. Your check-in date is 8/6/2023 and check-out date is 8/7/2023. If you have any questions or concerns, please use ‘Contact Us’, which will be forwarded to Paul Kim and Abraham Sohn.

Church ItineraryStateFeeContactCapacityStatusForm/Email
Los AngelesCalifornia$400David Park30Fullvist2LosAngeles
New JerseyNew Jersey$400Peter Kim20Openvist2NewJersey
WashingtonMaryland~$300Phillip Brown30Openvisit2Washington
West LACalifornia> $600Paul