We have developed the registration website with four types of participants in mind. First, they are divided into participants from North America and participants from other countries who are designated as foreign delegates. Please refer to the category Foreign Delegates for details. This conference is open to anyone from North America (USA or Canada) and invited foreign delegates. Second, they are divided into the participants who bring children and those who do not bring children. The former and latter are grouped as Family and Regular, respectively. Please refer to the category Location & Housing for details. Those categories were necessary because the requirements for each type of participant were different. For example, the participants under Family have the option to add their children during the registration and pay the conference fee on their behalf. 

Online Registration

You reach the registration website when you click on the icon for registration. When you click ‘Register Now’, you go to the registration page. Notice the first question on the top. Your choice will take you either the path of Regular or Family. You fill out personal information. When you select your residential country at the bottom, the country will determine your status as a North American or a foreign delegate. The residential country is not by your nationality, but your residence for more than half a year. For example, you are a Canadian by nationality. At the same time, you are a missionary in Uganda and have stayed there for seven months during the last one year. Your residential country is Uganda. 

You click ‘Next’ in the navigation bar. You go to the next page and populate each data field. Some are mandatory and others are optional. That information is essential in serving you during the conference. If you do not know what to enter, please enter a tentative value. You complete the registration by submitting payment on the last page. Otherwise, you need to start over. When you complete the registration, you receive an email confirmation. It helps you to return to your web account where you modify your registration and so on. No penalty for modification. If you have additional questions during the registration, please click ‘Contact Us’. Fill out the form and submit it. Someone will contact you with an answer.

We have prepared a video for demonstration. The video has four parts: 1. Registration as Regular in North America 2. Registration as Family in North America 3. Registration as a foreign delegate 4. Modification after the registration. You pause as you watch or jump to a different part at your own pace.

Conference Fee

The conference fee includes 3 nights of housing, 9 meals, use of the State Farm Center for general sessions, meeting space for GBS/interest groups, conference materials and general overhead for conference operations. 

Registration TypeConference FeeEarly Bird Rate (until April 30, 2023)
College Students$285$260
Teen $250$225
Child (12 and under)$200$175
Registration ScheduleDates Available
Early Bird RegistrationJanuary 1 - April 30, 2023
Standard RegistrationMay 1 - June 30, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

When does online registration begin?
Online registration begins January 1, 2023. 
Is there early bird registration?
Yes, early bird registration is available until April 30, 2023 at 11:59pm (CST). After that, conference fee increases by $25. 
How long is the online registration website open?
The online registration website is open until June 30, 2023 at 11:59pm (CST). After that, registration is only available in person at the conference. All conference fee payments are due before the registration website closes. 
What is a 'Regular' registration?
A regular registration is intended for a college student or graduate. A graduate/college student not registering a child.
What is a 'Family' Registration?
Please, review the section 'Introduction to Housing' in the page:
Do Foreign Delegates have the same early bird deadline as N. America?
Yes, foreign delegates also have the same early bird deadline of April 30 at 11:59pm CST as North America attendants.
Do I need to register if I am joining online?
No, those who attend online do not need to register. See online general sessions tile to find what is included online.
Who is included in 'Graduate', 'College Student', 'Teen' and 'Child'?
A graduate is a non-student who is beyond high school age but not currently attending college. A college student is someone currently enrolled in college who has not graduated yet. A teen is someone who is from age 13-18. A child is someone who is age 12 and under. Note that the category selected should be made as of the 1st Day of the conference, August 3, 2023. For instance, someone graduating college in May 2023 would select Graduate. A high school student who graduated in June would select College student if enrolled for the fall semester.
What if my teen just graduated from high school and registered for ISBC as a college student, but wants to join the HBF program?
Use the Contact Us button to notify the HBF program leaders of his/her intention to join the HBF program.
When I register what should I put for First Name (Given), Middle Name and Last Name (Surname)?
It should be your legal or passport name. It should match your picture ID. For example, if there is a Korean person named "이지혜", 이 (Lee) is last name (surname) and 지혜 is first name (Given). For Korean names, Middle Name is not required.
Do I register separately from my spouse? What about registering my child or teen or my son/daughter in college?
Yes, each spouse should select ‘Regular’ registration, if you are not registering a child or teen. For those registering children or teens, one parent should register as 'Family' registration if registering either a child or teen while the other parent selects 'Regular' registration. Note: the spouse’s name & email of who you intend to room with should be filled out in 'Pairing and Others' page on the registration website. Do not need to list a child or teen as a roommate in 'Pairing and Others' page. Instead, list your spouse as a roommate. Parents who have college students should have the college student register separately for themselves as a ‘Regular’ registration. 
When registering my child or teen, what does 'HBF', 'JBF', 'EBF' and 'BBF' refer to?
HBF is high school, JBF is junior high grades 6-8, EBF is elementary grades 1-5 and BBF is Kindergarten and younger.
Is partial registration available for ISBC?
Partial registration is not available.
Is partial payment available for ISBC?
We prefer full payment at once. But we are mindful of those who cannot afford it. Yes, a minimum payment of $100 is available at each installment. All payments are due prior to the close of registration on June 30, 2023. If you have a balance less than $100 during the installments, please select the full payment option to pay the remaining balance to complete registration.
Can I expedite my check-in process at ISBC?
Yes, once you have completed registration with the full amount paid, you will receive an email with the link to print your name badge a week before the conference. If you print and bring it to the registration booth at the State Farm Center in UIUC, this will expedite your registration check in process.
Can I cancel my registration? If so, can I get my payment back?
Yes, you can cancel your registration prior to the registration close of June 30, 2023. You get the refund only if you have completed the full registration payment. However, there is a service fee of $20 deducted from the refund. 
I paid partially and ended up cancelling my registration. I understand that I cannot get a refund. What about crediting it to someone I know?
In general, your partial payment is taken as a donation. Yet, registration managers are willing to discuss such an option. Please, use ‘Contact Us’ and make your request under the category ‘Registration’. 
What if I don't have a credit card to make a payment?
Ask a parent or Bible teacher to use their credit card. The card name does not need to match the conference attendant name. 
Why is the conference fee higher for graduates?
The conference fee is layered in such that college students, teens and children receive a lower fee. 
What is the 'Church Name' on the registration website?
Church name is another designation for UBF chapter. The list of church names is available on the registration website for your reference. If you do not know what to select, ask your parent or Bible teacher who invited you to this conference.
How many meals are included?
9 meals: Thursday dinner, Friday breakfast, lunch, dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast and lunch. See General Information & Policy for more information on meals.
What if I unexpectedly have to leave early from ISBC?
If you need to leave ISBC before the Sunday of the conference, please go to the UBF office to process your room checkout.
Do I contact UIUC directly with questions and to register for the conference?
No, use the UBF registration website for questions and to register.
Can I stay in a hotel offsite?
Yes, but the full conference fee will be charged. We have a contractual obligation to meet for the number of full attendants for this conference.
Are linens provided?
All linens are provided by UIUC. A linen packet including a pillow, pillow case, fitted and flat sheet, and wool blanket. A towel and wash cloth are provided and towel exchange is available at the area desk at Nugent Hall and PAR. The Nugent Hall & PAR area desks also have additional blankets and pillows available. Toiletries like soap, shampoo and tooth paste are NOT included.
What if I arrive after check in with UBF staff closes?
See General Information & Policy for more information on the ISBC Check-in process.
Is Wifi available?
Yes, Wifi is available in all dorms and State Farm Center. Instructions are located in General Information & Policy.