Prayer Room

In this troubled world, let’s look up at Jesus and see his glory, renewing our faith,  vision, and strength. We can see His glory even now and throughout the time of preparation as we pray for the conference and study the words of God through the work of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual revivals are now happening in many campuses. Let us continue to lift our voices to God and see His glory together. 


  • May Christ’s glory be revealed through the ISBC 2023
  • Many Young people may come and catch God’s glorious vision for their lives 
  • Our faith, spirit, and vision may be renewed 
  • His glory may spread all over the world through us
  • For the messengers to receive the life-giving words of God and be filled with the Holy Spirit 
  • for over 2,000 attendants–over 1,500 from N. America


David Chang (Canada), Isaiah 6:1-8, Thursday evening 
Eberhard Gross (Germany), John 1:1-5,14, Friday main message  
John Fatoyinbo (Nigeria), Luke 5:17-26, Friday evening part-1
Josue Gutierrez (Panama), Luke 5:27-32, Friday evening part-2
Phillip Brown (USA–Wash.), John 19:16b-42, Saturday main message 
John Angam (India), Acts 9:1-22, Saturday evening part-1
Abraham Stas Yugay (Kazakhstan), Acts 9:1-22, Saturday evening part-2
William Larsen (USA–L.A.), Revelation 1:1-20, Sunday message 

THE 4TH GLOBAL PRAYER MOBILIZATION: On February 18th, 9 AM C.T., we held the third Global Prayer Mobilization via Zoom. About 90 people gathered. After praise led by Chicago UBF, M. Maria Kim of Chicago prayed. Phillip Wong, Montreal UBF chapter director and Canada UBF Coordinator, shared an encouraging message based on Luke 9:29. He testified that, when his will was weak over the past year, one thing that kept popping in his mind was the hope of the kingdom of God and the glory his people will receive. The vision of Jesus’ glory comes to encourage us when we are feeling tired and weak. The transfiguration of Jesus gives us a glimpse of the glory of Jesus. It is the image of our glorious Jesus, our victorious Lord who is coming again in great power and glory. P Philip encouraged us to remember the sweet grace and love of God in being with Jesus, our first love, so that this becomes the only thing we want. The glory of Jesus will enable us to follow Him in the way of the cross until we enter the kingdom of God. Pastor Ron Ward mentioned an awakening movement happening now in NA and gave us prayer topics: May Christ’s glory be revealed through the ISBC 2023; young people may catch God’s vision; our faith, spirit, and vision may be renewed; His glory may spread all over the world through us; For the messengers to receive God’s word; for over 2,000 attendants–over 1,500 from N. America. We broke into small groups to pray, and will continue to meet in small groups to pray. 

THE 5TH GLOBAL PRAYER MOBILIZATION: The 5th Global Prayer Mobilization was held on Sat, Mar 18. Over 75 people gathered to pray. The first part of the meeting included praise led by Sh. Joe Park of Chicago UBF, prayer by M. Maria Oh of LA UBF, and a short message by Sh. Mark Moran of Berkeley UBF on Jesus' raising of Lazarus from John 11 titled, "To See the Glory of God." We learned that faith in Jesus, the resurrection and the life, enables us to see the glory of God and overcome all elements of the power of death in our life. P. Ron Ward gave prayer topics, specifically to pray for all obstacles be removed in Jesus' name that our delegates may attend the ISBC 2023, and for young people experiencing revival to see the glory of God. We then divided into small groups to pray for one another and for the messengers for ISBC 2023. We will meet again to pray week by week in small groups, and gather all together to pray on April 22, 2023 at 9AM CST.


  • Time: Chicago: 9 am (CDT); NY: 10 am (EDT); LA: 7 am (PDT); Mexico City: 8 am (CST); Buenos Aires: 11 am (AST); London: 3 pm (BST); Berlin: 4 pm (CEST); Cape Town: 4 pm (SAST); New Delhi: 7:30 pm (IST); Seoul: 11 pm (KST)
  • Communication method: Zoom (We share the zoom link with chapter directors in a week advance.)

*Important notes regarding the zoom meeting
- The breakout rooms for the prayer meeting after the main program will be assigned by language. All zoom participants MUST indicate their preferred language before their name (i.e. English-Steven Stasinos / Spanish-Juan Seo / Korean-John Kim, etc)

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