Missionary Shepherd Conference (pre-ISBC)


The Missionary Shepherd Conference (MSC) will focus on the study of Revelation in the Bible. Revelation helps us to understand the present situation of the world from God’s perspective and enlightens us with glorious hope. The book also is aligned to the ISBC theme: His Glory. When His Glory fills our hearts, we have new strength and grace to serve God’s kingdom.

At the same time, the MSC is a venue for fellowship in Christ for everyone from all nations, tribes, peoples and languages (Rev 7:9). Fellowship in Christ is so much needed in this troubled world (1Jn 1:3). We should get to know, understand, encourage, and pray for each other. Foreign delegates will come and have fellowship with one another, and with North American leaders who serve the MSC as a host. Being a host is a great privilege and honor.

Mark Yang prepares the program and Peter Park supports its logistics. Please feel free to use Contact should you have more questions on the MSC. 


The MSC will be held from Tuesday evening, August 1, 2023, until Thursday morning, August 3, 2023. Note that the MSC will be held before the start of 2023 ISBC, not after, unlike the MSC in the previous ISBC. The MSC will be held at UIUC, which is the same campus as the ISBC. The MSC chose the book of Revelation from the Bible in the light of the theme ‘His Glory’ of 2023 ISBC. The MSC will offer a couple of lessons on Revelation and four group Bible studies. The MSC will provide ample time for participants to interact and have fellowship throughout the conference. The detailed program will soon be available from this site.


The MSC is integrated into the ISBC as a satellite conference during registration. The MSC, however, does not offer online services like the ISBC.  You choose the MSC as an option while you register for the ISBC. Thus, the transition from the MSC to the ISBC is smooth. For example, when you check in on the campus, you check in for both the MSC and the ISBC. You will stay in the same dormitory. You will continue to dine in the same cafeteria. In addition, we provide you with all meals and housing free of charge even if you arrive earlier. In fact, we encourage you to come one day earlier or at least in the morning of Tuesday. We will not charge you more because you attend the MSC.

Qualification and Fee

The MSC is open to any leader up to the maximum capacity of 250 participants. First come, first served. One goal is to promote dialogue between missionaries and native shepherds.

The cost for the conference is $100 per person at the minimum. The cost includes all meals and housing during the MSC.  Yet, we do not charge Foreign Delegate. Instead, we charge North Americans in such a way that one attendant covers the cost of one Foreign Delegate because the North Americans are hosts for the MSC. If a North American serves the MSC as a Bible teacher, we give the person a discount by removing such a requirement. The table summarizes the fee. (This change of the fee applies from 2/4/2023.)

Classification of ParticipantsFee
Foreign Delegate$0
North American as a host$200
North American as a Bible teacher$100

Caveat on Payment

Current registration site has an option to choose MSC. The option is free to Foreign Delegates. The option charges $200 to North Americans. When a North American serves the MSC as a Bible teacher, we will reimburse $100 during the MSC. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be invited to attend the MSC?
No. You decide at your discretion.
Where do I register for MSC?
When you register for 2023 ISBC, you will find an option for MSC. Note that the fee applies as explained above.
Do I need to check out of my dormitory after MSC?
No. Your room is for both MSC and ISBC. No need to check out until Sunday when ISBC concludes.
Do I need to check in for ISBC?
If you have chosen the MSC, you are also checked-in for the ISBC. You are supposed to receive all the materials for both the MSC and the ISBC. If not, we will announce the necessary procedures during the MSC.