General Information & Policy


Age limit

There is no age requirement, but in general children under 5 are discouraged from attending due to the challenges parents will face. For example, dormitory beds are all single beds or bunk beds which are not conducive to those children. Parents will be responsible for caring for them with limited assistance. See Childcare for more information. 

Fee for early arrival

The conference fee is explained and posted on Registration. It covers all expenses during the main event starting from Thursday dinner on August 3, 2023. Its payment is part of registration. In addition, we provide meals and beds from Monday 2pm on July 31, 2023. This special accommodation is out of necessity and free for Foreign Delegates, conference staff and anyone who has a good reason for early arrival. Otherwise, we will charge an extra fee during the check-in as deemed appropriate ($10/meal, $40/bed/night).

Teen registration

ISBC Registration defines four groups for layered admission fee: Graduates, College Students, Teen and Child. In addition, the registration website prevents Teen and Child from registering for themselves. One group Teen means a person under eighteen by his date of birthday (DOB) with respect to the starting day of conference, which is anyone born after 8/2/2005. For example, a boy at the age of seventeen is normally a high school senior in North America. Their parents should register him so that the parents pay his fee for Teen and stay together with him as a family. We assume that both the parents and the boy travel together. On the other hand, the school systems of Foreign Delegates are not necessarily the same as those of North America. Some high school students can be older than 18 years old by the conference date according to their DOB. Furthermore, some high school students are mature enough to be independent in the sense that they travel independently and can sleep with their friends although their age is less than eighteen years old. For example, some high school students attend the Vision Camp and join one of the Tour Program after the conference without parents. In such a case, they should register for themselves as Regular and select the group College Students. They should enter all the required questions during the registration including travel plan. The fee for College Students is higher by $30 than that for Teen. If their age is qualified for Teen as explained above and they cannot afford the additional fee, they should contact Helen Jung via ‘Contact Us’ and request a discount. We assume that they join the UBF program during the conference. If they want to join the HBF program, they should contact Steven Lee via ‘Contact Us’. If so, they should choose the option ‘No’ for the group Bible study during the registration.

Onsite Check-In & Check-Out


The main event for 2023 ISBC starts from Thursday dinner on August 3, 2023, which ends with lunch on August 6, 2023. Most participants will arrive on Thursday afternoon. Some participants may arrive later, while others such as foreign delegates and conference staff will arrive earlier. For these reasons, the conference site is open from Monday, July 31, 2023, and will accommodate conference attendants as they arrive. We have set up three modes of check-in, depending on the time of arrival: early arrival, normal arrival, and late arrival. The main difference among them is the location. After checking in with the UBF office, all must go to their assigned dormitory and check in with UIUC office regardless of the modes. All must check out when they leave their dormitories. We have also set up two modes of meal operations due to logistical requirements: one before the main event (pre ISBC) and the other during ISBC. The main difference among them is the time and menu.

UBF Check-In

ModeEarly ArrivalNormal ArrivalLate Arrival
LocationUBF OfficeWest Grand Entrance of SFCWest Grand Entrance of SFC
Date &Time7/31 - 8/2/2023 (office hours)   8/3/2023, 2pm-6pm CST8/3/2023, 9pm-10pm CST
  • About 1-2 weeks before the conference begins, if you have completed the payment for the registration fee, you will receive an email for printing out your name badge. Please, bring it to ISBC to have a faster check-in.
  • UBF office will be open from 2pm on Monday, 7/31/2022. The office hours will be announced later.
  • *Please read the instructions if you arrive close to Thursday dinner or even after.

UIUC Check-In

After completing the UBF Check-In, if you are a ‘Normal Arrival’, proceed to your assigned residence hall building (noted on your name badge) to receive your room key and meal card from UIUC staff. They will be in the residence hall lobby. Note that you will need to show your ISBC Name Badge to the UIUC staff. If you are a ‘Late Arrival’, after UBF Check-in, proceed to Nugent Hall to receive your room key and meal card from UIUC staff. See Parking instructions below as parking location varies based on your assigned residence hall. 

UIUC Check-Out

This includes returning all room keys and meal cards to UIUC staff in the lobby of your assigned dorm. Turn off the lights and leave any University provided linens in the room, lock the door, and return the room key to the area desk. Check your room before you leave to ensure that personal belongings are not left in the closets or drawers. Check out times are TBD.

Dorm Room Key

Each attendant receives a physical room key to access their dorm room. Lost key fee is $50, payable by conference attendant directly to UIUC at checkout. 


ModeBefore Thursday DinnerFrom Thursday Dinner to Sunday Lunch
LocationIkenberry Dining Only  Ikenberry and PAR Dining
Breakfast7:00am - 8:30am6:45am - 8:30am
Lunch11:30am - 1:00pm12:00 pm - 1:45pm
Dinner4:45pm - 6:15pm4:45pm - 6:30pm
  • Each attendant will receive a conference meal card. The same card also grants access to their assigned dorm building. 
  • Your designated dining hall will be indicated on your name badge. Please, use your designated dining hall. 
  • Each meal card can be used only one time at each meal service. If you forget your card in your room, you must go to retrieve it.
  • Children will also receive meal cards. It is suggested that parents manage their children's card to reduce lost cards.


UBF Parking is located at the State Farm Center (Northwest lot & Southwest lot) and Lot F23 near (Kirby/Florida Ave & Lincoln Ave) which is nearby the Pennsylvania Avenue Residence dorms (PAR). There is no charge to park at the above listed parking lots. Avoid parking at other lots. 

For those staying in Ikenberry Commons dorms: Bousfield, Wassaja, Hopkins or Scott, attendants should park and leave their car at the State Farm Center (Northwest or Southwest lot). Do NOT park at the lots near the dorms. Those are NOT available for UBF. All the residence halls are about a 10 minute walk (2-3 blocks) to SFC. So no passenger vans for transportation.

For those staying in PAR dorms: Carr, Babcock, Blaisdell or Saunders, Lot F23 is reserved for UBF Parking. After UBF check-in, those staying in the PAR dorms should drive & park in Lot F23. Driving to/from the State Farm Center for the general sessions is recommended due to long distance. For only those staying in PAR dorms who do not have a car: we will run 15 passenger vans between State Farm Center and PAR before and after general sessions. 

Tours after Conference

We have arranged three tours in North America after the conference. The tours are primarily for foreign delegates but are not limited. The three tours are designated as East, West and Midwest. Please, click each tour program for further details. The itineraries are mostly in Korean. If you do not understand Korean, please ask one of Korean missionaries in your church. The below table shows their outlines. 

TourFeeStartingFromEndingDate & Time
East$950ORD airport8/6/2023, 5pm (CST)New York (Manhattan)8/9/2023, 4pm (EST)
West$869ORD airport8/7/2023, 11am (CST)Los Angeles (shopping mall)8/11/2023, 5pm (PST)
Midwest$650UIUC (SFC)8/6/2023, 2pm (CST)ORD airport (hotel)8/8/2023, 3pm (CST)

The fee in the table does not include airfare and other miscellaneous costs. If you choose one tour, pay the fee to Hana Travel Inc. according to the payment instructions. Please do so before the deadline shown in the details. If you have more questions about the tours, please feel free to contact Hana Travel Inc. (, 1-847-913-1177).

We are mindful of your own transportation from UIUC to the start location of the tours. We will provide you with a limited service to fill the gap. See the table below.

TourService by UBFRecipients
EastA bus ride from UIUC to ORD on 8/6/2023All tourists
WestA bus ride from UIUC to ORD on 8/6/2023All tourists
WestRoom and board from 8/6/2023 to 8/7/2023only Foreign Delegates
MidwestRoom and board from 8/8/2023 till departure to homeonly Foreign Delegates

Only foreign delegates are eligible for the room and board. North Americans should arrange their own room and board. To provide you with the service, we ask you to enter the corresponding travel information during your registration for the 2023 ISBC. 

Please make your travel plan accordingly so that you may attend the conference and enjoy the tour after the conference. For example, if you choose East, you must arrange your own ride to the airport and airplane to return to your home after the trip. If you choose Midwest and your departure date from ORD after the trip is 8/9/2023, you enter 8/8/2023 as the check-in date and 8/9/2023 as the check-out date during the registration for 2023 ISBC. If you have any questions or concerns, please use ‘Contact Us’, which will be forwarded to Paul Choi.


UBF Office

A permanent UBF office will be located at Bousfield residence hall 1st floor. A temporary, pop-up office will also be available in the State Farm lobby before and after the general sessions. 


  • All conference space include free public Wi-Fi access. To access the Illinois Guest Internet, follow these steps (process is the same for laptops and mobile devices):
  • Select IllinoisNet_Guest as the network to connect to.
  • Close all previously opened pages on web browser and then open a new browser window.
  • A tab will open to an Illinois Welcome Page log in. At the bottom of the page, click Register a guest account from the menu on the left. 
  • Provide relevant information (name, phone number, email address). 
  • Click Register.