Policy and Guide for Childcare

Here, childcare refers to a service by a company or an organization outside UBF. Unfortunately, we cannot provide parents with childcare on campus during the conference but we will provide a CBF program (CBF) for age 3 (potty trained) through 2nd grade during the general sessions and Bible studies. This is a change from previous international conferences. We are unable to offer childcare due to liability and contractual limitations with UIUC. We value the vital role of families with children in our ministry. For this reason, we have given housing priority to the parents who bring children to the conference (Location & Housing). We have the following suggestions for parents to consider.

Parents who will not bring children to the Conference

  • Either the husband or wife attends the conference, while the other stays home with children.
  • Ask relatives or grandparents to babysit their children at their home.

Parents who will bring children to the Conference

  • Husband & wife rotate who attends general sessions/GBS and who stays with children. 
  • The Caremate program connects families together who are bringing children. Those who list another family as a Caremate will be housed nearby in the same residence hall. The caremate option is under the Family registration when registering. 
  • Watch the livestream of the main sessions with other parents/children in a family overflow room at SFC.
  • Ask relatives or grandparents who are attending ISBC to help with babysitting.  
  • Hire a babysitter and bring that person to the conference as a registered conference attendant.
  • Find a local daycare center nearby the campus.
  • Take advantage of the Children's Program (see CBF tab)

Childcare vs Children’s Program

Age 3 (Potty Trained) through 2nd Grade (age 7-8) will be provided with a CBF Program. Children will attend a VBS program during each of the general sessions and Bible studies. These sessions will be run by PARENTS in a rotation. If you sign up your child to participate in this program you will be contacted for each parent to volunteer once for just one session each and then be free the rest of the conference. VBS (Vacation Bible School) is a very fun, interactive curriculum with lots of activities, crafts, singing, videos, play and Bible study that will keep kids fully engaged during each session—the curriculum is all written out and very easy to follow and for parents to run with minimal training, everything will be supplied and prepared for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I find no children's program during the general session. I do not want to sit in my room, babysitting my children. Are children allowed in the general sessions (main meeting)? 
Yes, children are allowed in the general session provided they are able to quietly sit through a 2-3 hour program. If they are unable to, an overflow room is available in the State Farm Center with a closed circuit TV feed. 
What are my options without childcare?
Please see the above options for chose either bringing children to conference or not bringing children. 
Are children allowed to attend ISBC? What can I expect at ISBC?
Yes, children are welcome to come to ISBC with their parents. We have given priority to families with children by allocating the closest dorm to SFC with private bathrooms. We have established the care mate program to connect families together who are bringing children. Each child will receive their own bed & meal card with 9 meals. We will have an overflow room at SFC for parents with children.
Are there children's programs like BBF & CBF?
See CBF page for more details.
Are children allowed to be on campus?
Yes, children are allowed to be on campus. To clarify, childcare offered by UBF (babysitting) is not allowed on campus. Parents will be primarily responsible for caring for their children during the conference. We expect to have BBF/CBF programs with curriculum but it will require parents to volunteer as teachers.
WIll the CBF program be in the dorm where the families stay?
No, all children’s program meeting rooms are in Student Dining and Residential Services (SDRP) 2nd floor, which is the same building for Ikenberry Dining Center, 1st floor. Families with children stay in Bousfield Hall. It is a short walk (~5 min) across the quad.