Age 3 (Potty Trained) - 2nd Grade (age 7-8) CBF Program During Main Sessions and Bible Studies 

Attend VBS program during each of the main sessions and Bible studies. These sessions will be run by PARENTS in a rotation. If you sign up your child to participate in this program you will be contacted for each parent to volunteer once for just one session each and then be free the rest of the conference. VBS (Vacation Bible School) is a very fun, interactive curriculum with lots of activities, crafts, singing, videos, play and Bible study that will keep kids fully engaged during each session—the curriculum is all written out and very easy to follow and for parents to run with minimal training, everything will be supplied and prepared for you. 

When will Parents Pick up Children

Parents will pick up children immediately after each main session. All children’s program meeting rooms are in Student Dining and Residential Services (SDRP), which is the same building for Ikenberry Dining Hall. This means children will be with parents for all meals, afternoon activities and sleep with their parents at night.  

What if I want to bring my child age 3 - 2nd Grade to the main session

Children are welcome to come to the main sessions provided they are able to quietly sit through a 2-3 hour program. If they are unable to, an overflow room is available in the State Farm Center with a closed circuit TV feed.

Grades 3 - 8 (ages 8-13) Attend Conference with Parents Bible studies separate
Attend the conference fully together with their parents. However you will drop children for Bible study and testimony sharing with children in their age group. There has been a strong move among churches to move back to the traditional model of integrating children into church and worshipping together as families, in light of the huge numbers of children leaving church after High School. We want our children to be part of our church and see the glory of God. We also want college students to see this and have a vision to have such a godly family worshipping together as well. 

6 months to 2 years old
Childcare options arranged by parents (Childcare).

Below 6 months

Children must stay with Parents.